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University of Maryland

Contact Information

Evamaria W. Koch
Horn Point Laboratory
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
P.O. Box 775
Cambridge, MD 21613
Phone: 221-8418
Fax: 221-8490

Project Description

An ongoing project at the Horn Point Laboratory focuses on understanding hydrodynamically-mediated processes in seagrass habitats around the world. The wave parameters in these studies are quantified using four Coastal MacroWaves. More examples of some of the labís previous projects involving MacroWaves can be found in the publications listed below.  Some other current projects include the evaluation of coastal structures such as breakwaters as benefits or detriments to seagrasses. 

Koch, E.W. 2002. Impact of boat-generated waves on a seagrass habitat. Journal of Coastal Research 37:66-74.

Brandt, L.A. and E.W. Koch. 2003. Periphyton as UV-B filters on seagrass leaves: a result of different transmittance in the UV-B and PAR ranges. Aquatic Botany 76:317-327.

wave gauge.jpg (18458 bytes)
Coastal MacroWave in a seagrass bed


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