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Coastal sells and leases our homemade line of products... the MacroSeriesStandard configurations are readily available.  We also custom configure any type of instrument you need using our "building block" method of assembly.  You just tell us the sensors you need and we'll put it together for you!  The MacroSeries uses Coastal's user-friendly proprietary "Wizard" software.   

Coastal MacroTide

RD Workhorse Sentinel Coastal also supplies instruments from other leading manufacturers for lease or lease-purchase.  Our current lease pool includes instruments by RD Instruments, Nortek USA, Axys Technologies, Benthos Inc., RBR Ltd., and Paroscientific.

To place your order just call 617-497-1122, fax 617-497-1188, or email  Coastal will provide expert information on equipment alternatives, availability, and shipping to suit your needs.  Guaranteed next day shipment to many national and international locations is possible.  Besides shipping Coastal can assist with start-up, training, insurance, special calibrations, data processing, consumables, and customs requirements.  All systems are available for lease, lease-purchase or purchase.  Specifications for any of the items shown, and quotes on system integration and customized hardware and software, are available upon request.  Please contact us today if you have any questions, need additional information, or require any items not shown.


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