The Coastal Crew

(click pix for alter egos...)


Donald "No Problem We Can Do That For You" Grossman, Ph.D.


President, CEO, Sales, Customer Service

Inspired Correspondent, Kitch Collector, Avid Rower                     Extension: 123



Christopher "Classic Rock" Newman


Operations Manager, Technical Support

Grandpa-of-the-Year, All Sport Coach               Extension:  125



Rebecca "L" Sama


Equipment Specialist

Ocean Lover, Sports Fanatic          Extension:  121



Suzanna "La Femme Plastique" Yaukey


Billing Consultant 

Disc Jockey extraordinaire, Karaoke star, New Wave addict                  



"Cape Cod" Zani


Wizard Creator, Software Programmer, Emergency Go-To Man

G.Q. Dresser, Moonlighting Thespian, Ambulance Chaser



Marisa "Kickboxing Queen" Fulton 

Office Manager, Overworked Grad Student
Future novelist, Boston Socialite, Communications Expert   





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