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XR-420 CTD Marine

The XR-420 CTD Marine is a small, low cost CTD instrument.  It uses a titanium inductive conductivity cell that is calibrated to an accuracy of 0.003mS/cm.  When purchased with a fast thermistor option (< 95 milliseconds), the logger can be used for profiling applications.

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Vector 3D Current Meter

The Vector 3D current meter collects high-resolution velocity and pressure data in rapidly changing environments. Based on processing schemes originally developed for the Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, the system electronics integrates unique Doppler velocity measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. State-of-the-art power management and miniaturized electronics combine in a compact single-canister design that is suitable for real time operation or self-contained deployments. The Vector supports burst sampling, where data are sampled rapidly for a short period of time before it "sleeps" to preserve battery power and recorder memory. The Vector samples pressure at the same time as the 3D velocity. All other sensors are sampled at 1 Hz. The Vector comes with a complete suite of Windows 95/98/00/NT/2000/XP software for deployment planning, real time data collection and data retrieval. As an option, the post processing program ExploreV is available to review, process and interpret your Vector. The processing includes spectral analysis, coordinate transforms, and calculation of complex turbulence parameters.

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