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Environmental Data Solutions
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Project Description
Southern San Francisco Bay Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Monitoring

Environmental Data Solutions deployed and maintained 11 Coastal Leasing Macro Tide CTDs throughout the southern quadrant of San Francisco Bay from January to May, 2004. This work was performed under contract to Moffatt and Nichol Engineers, Walnut Creek, California with funding provided by the California State Coastal Conservancy.

One of the goals of this monitoring effort was to characterize hydrologic conditions during the winter and spring. Collected time series will aid in the calibration of a hydrodynamic model that will evaluate restoration alternatives for the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration effort currently underway (www.southbayrestoration.org).

In addition to characterizing tidally-influenced water surface elevations and salinities, this monitoring program also documented the effects of rainfall events on salinity and water surface elevation at multiple creeks along the margins of south San Francisco Bay.

EnvDat.jpg (133067 bytes)
Mooring containing a CL MacroTide CTD.

Final_CTD_SBay_A-P_081804_300.jpg (1781727 bytes)
Instrument Locations

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